How it Works


You Own your Independent Insurance Agency

As a member of Agents Alliance you retain ownership of your Independent Insurance Agency 100% from day 1, from policy 1.

Your name on the door, Your office where you want it, grow it as fast or as slow as you want… as big or as small as you want.


We believe that every business relationship should make sense to both parties or it isn’t a good relationship. Because of that philosophy we developed a graduated commission payout that pays you… the agent… a higher percentage as your agency grows.

Level 1

Agency 84% of Total Commission paid to Member.

Level 2

When agency total rolling 12 month commission exceeds $150,000, 88% of Total Commission paid to Member.

Level 3

When agency total rolling 12 month commission exceeds $250,000, 90% of Total Commission paid to Member.

Level 4

When agency total rolling 12 month commission exceeds $500,000, 92% of Total Commission paid to Member.

Profit Sharing

We believe in being rewarded for good field underwriting and building a profitable agency. Profitable business helps foster stronger carrier relationships and in many cases generates substantial commission and bonus revenue for Agents Alliance. We believe in distributing those rewards to our members.

Profit Sharing Bonus is paid out either quarterly or annually based on carrier distribution. We pay 70% of all Profit Sharing Revenue back to our members based on their percentage of the total premium with each carrier.

We received over $1,200,000 in profit sharing in 2019 that was shared with our members.


We invest a substantial percentage of our marketing budget back into or members in the form of Referral Reward Compensation. Not just a one time payout for helping us find a member, but a program that pay you as long as you and the referral are still members of Agents Alliance Services.

Here his how it works:

Level 1 – 1%

Level 2 – .2%

Level 3 – .1%

Level 4 – .1%

Level 5 – .15%

Level 6 – .2%

Level 7 – .25%

If your level 1 referral refers someone to AAS, then that referral is your Level 2, If your Level 2 refers someone then that referral is your level 3 referral … and so on… so you can get paid on everyone that you refer and everyone that gets referred by people under you.

Exit Fee

– In the event that you choose to leave Agents Alliance your policies are yours and are free to take with you whereever you decide to go. However we do have a small exit fee to cover the administrative cost associated with helping you with a smooth exit. If you leave Agents Alliance within the first 3 years of the date that your contract was signed then your exit fee is 5% of the last 12 months commission revenue. If you leave any time after the 3rd anniversary of your contract the exit fee is3% of the last 12 months commission revenue.

People can do whatever they want if they just set their heart to it, and just never give up, and just go out there and do it.

Bethany Hamilton

Let’s grow YOUR agency together.

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Ready to Join?

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