As a member of Agents Alliance Services you have the ability to use the Agents Alliance Logo and Trade Name, however To maintain the integrity of Agents Alliance Services Ltd. Trade Names and Logo's you will need to agree to usage of logo and information as outlined below.


Brand Name: Agents Alliance

Note: Refer to the company as Agents Alliance in all marketing. Avoid other names or abbreviations.


Brand Colors

  • Burgundy: Pantone/PMS 202C – Hex #87212E

  • Orange: Pantone/PMS 159C – Hex #C75B12

  • Black: Hex - #000000

Logo for Member Agencies

Agents Alliance Services Ltd.

Exhibit C - Trade Names & Logos

Agents Alliance Services, Ltd. and Independent Contractor hereby agree to the following:

Independent Contractor is granted a nonexclusive right to display Agents Alliance Services, Ltd's trademark logos, company name, and copyright symbols in the following contexts: {on website, in literature, in advertising, for specific services, etc.}. The logo, symbols, and company name may be used ONLY to refer and direct readers to Agents Alliance Services, Ltd literature, products, and brands.

Independent Contractor agrees to strictly abide by Agents Alliance Services, Ltd's standards for fair use of company material and trademarks, which can be found here: {}. It is Independent Contractor's responsibility to remain up-to-date on any and all changes made to these standards and to comply accordingly.

Independent Contractor agrees not to use the logo, company name, or copyright symbols in any way to indicate that it has any ownership or control of Agents Alliance Services, Ltd logo or its brands and products. Independent Contractor further agrees not to use the logo, company name, or copyright symbols in any way that would harm, diminish, or impair Agents Alliance Services, Ltd's sales, prospects, brand name or reputation.

This agreement does not allow Independent Contractor to sublicense Agents Alliance Services, Ltd's trademark logos, company name, and/or copyright symbols.

Agents Alliance Services, Ltd may require Independent Contractor to remove any and all references to its logo, name, and copyright symbols at any time.  In such an event, Independent Contractor is obligated to remove all material no later than three days from the request date.


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