“the technology you use to manage your agency can be your best investment or your biggest headache!!!”

More Than Your Average Agency

As an Independent Insurance Agent you want to be “More than Average”… and you do that by being knowledgeable about your clients, your companies and the relationship between the two. Keeping track of where you place your clients coverage, contact information, notes from conversations, as well as renewal and premium increase information and having immediate access to that information will set you apart from the competition!!!

At Agents Alliance we have already done the research and found the best technology solutions in the business for you to serve your clients…

Your Agency Technology needs can be broken down into three categories… First is your Comparative Rater, Second is your CRM Database (Including email communication, Download Features, e-signatures and e-payment solutions) and third is your Forward facing digital exposure (Social Media & Website)

Comparative Raters

The most efficient comparative raters are closely tied to your management system to help eliminate the need to re-key your client information more than one time.

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An effective Independent Insurance Agency Database/CRM will be able to securely keep track your information on every client from Dates of birth and SS# to DL# and VIN information (plus much more) In addition it should receive policy download information from carriers and track every communication you have with or about your clients.

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Forward Facing Tech

Having a website in today’s world is how you become “Real”… people may not find you by your website but they will use your website to check out your business or find your number when they need to contact you. Some better websites allow potential customers to provide information to request a quote and existing customers to request changes to their policies. And good exposure is about more than just a website… you are going to need quality social media exposure for your business.

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